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Dead guild

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Hey! Thanks for the info on your guild. I have a couple more questions>

Some background: A month old member, have both expansions, lvl 80 +57, love this game and trying to go hard in the paint by playing a lot most evenings.

I'm looking for a guild that is active-- does events/anything every few days and is socially active. Is your guild social? Do you use Teams, or are you (or most guilds, I have no idea) mostly chat?

Thanks in advance!Mads

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@WillyMancer.9045 we try to host events the biggest one I personally over see is fractals and I try to do them at least every other day, but we do other stuff as well hero points and mastery points to bounties to legendary achievement helping and trying to set up raid groups as well, and communication is through discord(voice chat plus events and updates)

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