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New Bag Sort Types

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We already have a few types

  • Basic
  • Equipment (Uncommon, Rare, Exotic)
  • Craftsman (crafting materials)
  • Oiled (junk loot)
  • Siege master (consumables)
  • Invisible/Safe (contents do not move, or appear in vendor lists, or mass-salvage/deposit)

We've been asking for a key-ring and have been given a few responses. The general one that sticks in my head is that if/when something is implemented it will not be an account screen like currency.

  • Key Bag (4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 20-shared, 24-shared, 28-shared, 32-shared)

    • Key bag would be unique in that ONLY items flagged as keys could be placed in the bag. When possible all keys would try to load in the bag. Upgrading a 20 > 20-shared bag would require a gem store purchase item which would open a new bag-slot for this unique style of bag. The bag would be upgraded from there similar to how new bags are using the new runes.
  • Favorite's Bag (4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32) - upgrade from Invisible/Safe

    • Players can opt to mark an item in their inventory "favorite" these items would always try to load into a "Favorite's" bag before any other bag. This would allow people going from 1h > 2h weapons to have their current weapons as "favorite" and have them try to load into this "safe" bag.

Right now you have 5~8 bag slots + Shared slotsShared

  1. **Basic
  2. Siege master
  3. Oiled
  4. Craftsman
  5. Invisible**
  6. Equipment (Uncommon)
  7. Equipment (Rare)
  8. Invisible

With the new setup I would seeShared

  1. **Key (or Key-Account)
  2. Siege
  3. Oiled
  4. Craftsman
  5. Favorite**
  6. Equipment (Uncommon)
  7. Equipment (Rare)
  8. Invisible
  9. Basic

I know we JUST got another potentially 96 spaces on top of the 160 we already had. But I would be really happy to see these two new bag types they would help me keep what I have organized, and who knows maybe it would let Keys work on an account wide scale for 800~1600 gems (totes worth it not to manage them!)

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