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A wild Anet Dev appears ! :D

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I think so?

First time I've seen a dev in-game and I've played on and off since the 2 day pre-purchase releaseAnyways, probably not news to a lot of people that the devs play the game, but him waiting for Teq tonight and clipped it:D



^What's up with twitches url names? lol

Anyone else here got any stories or pictures of Devs you've met in-game?:o

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It's not something so rare. I usually see them after a big/medium patch. For example one of them was in our bounty group, a couple of weeks after the PoF release, while some other was in my sPvP team when the new Djin map was added.It's a good sign, they want to test first hands how the new contents work. I usually avoid to bother them.

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I usually only see Anet staff just after a new release, but then I'm on EU and I suspect they mainly play on NA and only come over here for special occasions and to see people's reactions to new stuff.

One thing to bear in mind though is we only see them when they want us to. The tag identifying them as Anet is their guild tag, so they can turn it on or off at will, and I've heard some even have second accounts they play on when not working, so even if someone adds them to their friends list they can't track when they're online and not working.

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@ProverbsofHell.2307 said:

@"mortrialus.3062" said:If you kill a dev you get the Culling the Creators hidden community achievement.

Someone believed you and gave you a "Helpful" for that. ?

Its true. Got it when I killed a dev in WvW before.

Yep. Sadly it was worth 0 AP, but then I guess they wouldn't want to actively encourage players to hunt them down in a game they themselves designed :sunglasses:

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@"aspirine.6852" said:Brave souls going out in wvw with their tags on, it's like putting a "kill me" sign on.

True that, but I guess it works both ways, everyone from their world is going to go crazy trying to protect them ?

@Thandaer.8105 said:I seen them in WvW once. And more then one. AND they've captured a keep/tower in the name of Anet :)I still might have a screen on my old laptop.

Would love to see how that interaction works, hope you come over the ss again:o> @mortrialus.3062 said:

If you kill a dev you get the Culling the Creators hidden community achievement.

Someone is going to start playing WvW again a bit more often (A)Thank you for the info o/

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  • ArenaNet Staff

We're on EU worlds pretty regularly–I'm sorry you've missed us! Irenio and I

just the other day. Some of our devs have been doing a weekly WvW livestream since February of 2018, and they play on a different world each week, alternating between NA and EU worlds. Yesterday's livestream was on Gunnar's Hold on the EU side.

It might be a case of playing during different hours sometimes--time zones are all kinds of inconvenient. That said! I mentioned in a meeting yesterday that I want us to make sure that we are consistent about playing on EU worlds as well as NA worlds when we do stuff in game, so I hope seeing us in game isn't a rare occurrence for you in the future!

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