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BlackGate |Searching for Guild!


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Hey all! I'm just curious on any guild's for the Black Gate server? PvP, PvE, Fractals, Raids, etc. It doesn't really matter. Most of my time is PvP, and PvE. I'm down to explore new routes though. I'm not necessarily "new" I've had my account for five years +

Plenty of characters made, but recently just got PoF and rejoined.

Thanks for the help! PM me, or just respond here!

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Hey there, we are a pretty social guild on NA with players who dabble in most of the content in the game.As mentioned, unless you are planning on joining for WvW, the server doesn't matter too much. And if you do decide to WvW, you are able to be part of 5 different guilds at a time, so you can join a few for different reasons.We are looking to grow and we have goals of getting enough members to do raiding.If you want more info about us, you can either check out:

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