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How do i try out the Daredevil Specialization in PVP lobby?

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I really don't know what to do. It doesn't let me equip a staff, even when i have daredevil selected as a PVP specialization. I was able to try out Deadeye, only because for some reason one of the default builds at the bottom had a rifle, but none of the default builds had a staff. What do i do?

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You get a staff. From anywhere. As long as it's in your inventory.

First make sure you are in the PvP lobby, Heart of the Mists.

Then click the helmet icon in the middle of your screen near the top. Use the tabs on your left to swap between gear, traits and mist champions.

You'll want to equip the Daredevil as your bottom traitline, as it will only appear in the bottom slot when you click it. If you click one of the others, it won't even show as available.

It's paramount you equip the Daredevil spec before attempting to equip your staff, else you get a message saying "you cannot use this weapon" or something like that.

Now on the first tab, where you'll see weaponslots, an amulet slot, rune and sigil slots - simply click either of the main hand slots for either of your weaponsets. On your left you will be shown what weapons in your inventory you can equip.

Click on your staff, any staff in the game unless it's just a skin will do as it's given lvl80 sPvP stats right away.

Tl;dr:On top of your screen while in the lobby, press the helmet icon. Play around with the interface that opens to see what it does, and make sure you have a staff in your inventory and have selected the daredevil spec in the very same window which is not the one you normally access by pressing H, the Hero Panel. Use only the 2 buttons near the top middle of your screen to adjust everything, you can forget about the bar you usually use on your top left when in the PvP lobby.

Edit: This is what I meanhttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/PvP_BuildEssentially in PvP you use this to adjust your gear and build independently from how you run in PvE using the Hero Panel, and as long as you are in an sPvP map this setup will overrule your Hero Panel settings. It's therefore very likely you entered the lobby, pressed H and opened the hero panel to pick daredevil. Once you enter the lobby for the first time with any character you get a default build based on profession, which are always core I believe (so no daredevil). You need to use the PvP build panel (2 buttons, top middle of your screen) to change that default build into your own.

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