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[PSI] - An Elite PvX & RP Guild


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General Details Overview:

Guild Name: The Shadowfly EffëctWebsite: http://psisphere.com/guild-wars-2/Voice Comms: Teamspeak3 (IP available to members)Founding Date: October 1, 2017Founder: Yldrania.3879Leader: AJBlack.1520Location: EUServer: Multi-ServerWvW Server: Fissure of Woe

Guild Details Overview: (On Day of Launch)

Guild Level: 0Guild Hall: N/ABonuses: N/A

PSI is our community’s first efforts in Guild Wars 2. We are a group of hardcore players looking to constantly improve ourselves and each other and to reach and expand our limits whenever we possibly can. We are an elite PvX guild, meaning we come with efforts in all aspects of the game and are working towards professionalism in each of them.Pre-launch, our efforts are directed towards setting up a comfortable atmosphere and finding some founding members before the launch of our guild. Now, after the day of launch, we will be looking to establish a proper guild environment with events, officers and giveaways as quickly as possible while maintaining our standards with membership.

The requirements to join, despite it being an elite guild, are simple: We don't care much for how much experience or skill you have at the time of joining. What we care about is your dedication and attitude, which will enable you to improve yourself and help the guild improve as well.

We are a 100% rep guild, and representing is expected of all members at all times with no exceptions.

Currently Recruiting:

  1. Members
  2. Officers
  3. Leaders

Officer Roster: (On Day of Launch)

  • Yldrania.3879 - Founder
  • AJBlack.1520 - Guild Leader
  • Xaramas.4587 - PvE Officer

A Victory Is Twice Itself When The Achiever Brings Home Full Numbers.

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@Shogak.4176 said:Hey! I'm interested in your guild and what you guys have to offer. My account is currently NA based but I'm willing to consider transferring. How would I go about applying?

I have sent you a guild invite and a private message with how to reach me on Teamspeak or Facebook in order to discuss details :)

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