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What would be/you want to be the next big addition after gliding and mounts?

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@"perilisk.1874" said:I'd actually just like to see another pass on combat, since it's the main part of gameplay. For whatever reason, it's wearing thin to me lately. Doing the same thing in a new place is still doing the same thing.

Defiance, CC, and Stability are improved from before, but they're still not in a "good" place. Enemy mechanics need more counter-play.Boons, and by extension boon spam, needs a tightening of concept.Combat stats (and thus gear) need more meaningful constructs, probably by clipping and combining them.

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Would like an expansion that adds housing of some kind, but

Also adds a roaming mist into the PvE maps that transform each zone it goes into, into an elite mode map where every enemy npc is now very hard to fight solo and in groups but reward is increased. On a timer that goes to a different zone after it's up.

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