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Fresh 80 Warrior, no Elites yet...How is this build?

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So I just got my Warrior to 80 and want to gear him out for WvW. I will be in the zerg or small groups mostly. I don't usually roam.

Once I get my elite specializations unlocked, I will likely go with a different build, until then this is a core-warrior build. I wanted to have some mix of survivability added into it so I didn't do full berserker. here is my buildhttp://gw2skills.net/editor/?vJAQNAneRjMdQXI24BeeAnIGKCKbAegAALhWo51uI6zCA-jBCBABGp8LgnAAAnCgU0Hw/+DSoEMH1few8HA-e

The gear/traits net me with 2,349 Power, 1,834 Toughness, 24,422 Health, 43.43% Crit Chance, and 190% Crit Damage. This is without food buffs or situational stats (breaking stuns, etc)


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Well organized zergs wont have you but for just running around that should be fine. Usual meta is full marauders because warriors are pretty tough even with no toughness but I dont really consider the vanilla warrior to have enough oomph to back it up, unlike berserker and spellbreaker. In fact most vanilla warriors that kill me regardless of class I run on are the super tanky ones that can sustain "ok". Most also seem to pick rampage as elite to stunlock people to death (proper cycling gets you around 10s of complete skill denial), not the signet.

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@"Dawdler.8521" Once I get Berserker/Spellbreaker unlocked I will likely change my build up, so I completely understand there. I just wanted to have something to start with while I am farming those HP's on the side.

I am tempted by full Marauders, but I don't have the crafting yet to get all armor/weapons crafted and don't have ascended yet (Returning from a LOOOOOONG break before HoT was even a thing). I picked Berserker/Soldier mix only because it was easily obtainable from the TP.

This isn't a long-term solution, it's just to get me started. In a month or two time, I should have my elites unlocked, and some ascended (I hope) so hopefully my stats and build will get better over time.

Thanks for the tip on the Rampage elite skill over the Signet. A lot of the builds I have seen run the signet so that's why I had it selected.

EDIT: I did swap out the armor to full Marauders to see what the stats look like. I go down in Power (2211 vs 2349), still have a respectable Toughness (1535 vs 1834), Gain over 3000 health, 20% crit, and only loose .5% crid damage. Not bad. I just need to find out how to get the Marauders gear lol. I sure wish you could buy it off the TP.

Build with full Maraudershttp://gw2skills.net/editor/?vJAQNAneRjMdQXI24BeeApIGKCKbAegAALhWo51uI6zCA-jBCBQBSU5n80HIQ1fUnSwA8EACn5P+t/AAOFAAA-e

Second Edit: It appears Marauders is pretty easy to craft, as its only lvl 400 skill, not 500! I should be able to craft this!

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