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GW2 Dragon Trading Cards Would Be Cool

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It's a lot more work to make a good TCG than it might seem. Back in 1995 or so when MtG was the only one around, I was part of a team that made an SF genre one. It took months of playtesting and iteration and art gathering (I did some of the art myself). Then we had the printer screw up the first printing, getting the image sizes wrong, and by the time that was fixed a number of other games had flooded the market. Including a very lame SF one with terrible grade-school art. And everyone just burned out and no one bought our game. Those who did buy it praised it highly, but it just couldn't gain traction.

Obviously the market is different now and ANet starts with name recognition, but that doesn't change the amount of work it takes to design engaging rules, fun gameplay, and something original enough to capture interest. Given that ANet just had to pull its horns in from a number of non-GW2 projects and lost a lot of employees in the process, they really aren't likely to divert the resources to something like this.

Now if you just want baseball-trading-card style cards that don't have a rule set attached, maybe something like By Fans For Fans could come up with those.

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