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Make Scarlett come back


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I'm all for a return of S1 in the form of replayable episodes like the other seasons, with "Fractal Rifts" that allow revisiting old maps: Old LA, Old Kessex, The tower of Nightmares, the Molten and Aetherblade dungeons...

But Scarlet is dead and part of the Dream now. She should not come back in future stories except as a mist ghost during a remembering scene, a recap or something like that.

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Scarlet returned as a hallucination that starts the Jahai Bluffs adventure. More accurate bring LW S1 back. I really hope the devs reconsider making it replayable because all these small and big S1 continuity (Small in S1 Rox mentions she was a gladium and miner she says that again during ep 2 and the meta oil in ep5 respectively, big Taimi was born with an incurable disease and Job-o-tron returns with a new name just like in S1 both in ep4) as a veteran I can appreciate them immensely......and new players don't know DW origins, Taimi was born with a fatal illness, Canach and Consortium, other important characters like Ellen Kiel Evon Gnashblade and the x-o-Tron golem, or even how important Scarlet was. I missed most of season 1 and don't know if I'm in the minority here in the forums but I wish I could play all the LW seasons :frown:

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Personally, I liked Scarlet. I thought she was a lot more fun as a villain than these forces of nature (who, as it turned out, were behind her all the time).However, how would it be remotely good for the game to bring her back just because of that?

It's always bugged me about comics and Doctor Who and so on, that the same villains that were roundly defeated (sometimes multiple times) keep coming back with some plausible (or implausible) resurrection mechanic. Bringing back Ho Ho Tron? Sure, that's comic relief. Let's avoid nostalgia for nostalgia's sake.

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The only reason to have brought Scarlet back for new content would have been as a Mordrem Commander, since they're constantly reborn. Now that Mordremoth is dead, there's zero reason to bring back any dead sylvari.

If Scarlet returns in the game, be it with the rest of Season 1 content. She was a decently conceptualized / retconned (hard to tell which it was tbh), but poorly written and initially depicted Mary Sue of a character.

They had a chance for a well-established, non-Elder Dragon villain. They had three chances in fact. And they tossed them all aside, either just to get right back to the Elder Dragon plot (Joko's early demise), or in favor of an illogical persona change into a spoiled bloodthirsty manchild (Lazarus' practical non-existence and Menzies' implied off-screen demise).

If they couldn't do those villains justice, they won't be able and/or willing to bring back a poorly written character and improve it.

Let's just hope the next threat is better written than those four villains were.

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@ugrakarma.9416 said:

@DanAlcedo.3281 said:Scarlett is melandru!

Shes wasnt crazy.It was all planned!

All she wanted was to awaken her viney boyfriend.

Scarlet is Melandru.Jenna is Lyssa.Someones is new god of war, or Aurene is Balthazar.Desmina take place of Grenth.Kormir is already Abbadon.whos can replace Dwayna?

The only true light of Gw2.


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