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[EU] [Star] New guild recruiting members!


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Hello everyone!

We decided it is time to make gw2 great again so we are making a fresh guild, open for everyone. We plan to do everything that the game has to offer (raid, pvp , wvw, fractals) if there are people interested in that.For newer players wanting to join the guild, do not be afraid to ask any question regarding the game, i will help you.For veteran players, help newer people and have fun with us!

If you are interested to join, contact out leader Yuna.2319 or myself Deeyra.1476

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Hi there. I am an ex-Wow player, trying to get into this game, having difficulties since I am so used with the wow maps, Npcs , professions and so on.If you are the guild having patience with the new lost players then i would like to join. Write now I am lbl 8 and just on the second map, with the bag full looking for a merchant to sell and trying to figure out the new features gained(mining, harvesing...)

My ingame name Animaxthor,thanksah forgot to mention. I am a necromancer

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