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Chasing Tales: Enduring Hatred

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Kill 4 sequentially as opposed to killing multiples in one go with AoE/cleave.

I just lowered the health of multiple mobs then used a single target skill but you can probably get this easily by tagging a bunch of mobs during one of the meta events.

Might also need to kill 5 instead of 4.

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Khisanth's advice is good. Here's another approach, that worked for me for nearly all 48 achievements:

  • Equip the relevant weapon(s)
  • Join either North or South meta in Thunderhead Peaks

And that's it. Some popped quickly, some took a while. If I came prepared with the next set of weapons, I sometimes got credit for multiple collection steps for multiple weapons. There's one that requires having low health, which I did on necro while wielding an axe (just going into shroud allows you to stay safely at low health and still count).

The pair I tried to work on "normally" outside the meta were much more difficult, as I tried to pay attention to what I was doing. During the meta, any halfway reasonable use of the skills ends up getting you credit...eventually.

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