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Core Warrior highest DPS build


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This build is probably the best dps you can get from the core warrior. The dps is insane.


1.Use your signets to get 5 stacks of Signet of Ferocity. Always have 5 stacks.

  1. Place banner before combat.
  2. Use Crushing Blow to stack 15 vulnerability.
  3. Swap to axe.
  4. Use your finisher to stack Berserker's Power
  5. Keep hitting with your axe and use the skills when off cooldown.
  6. Dodge when needed to avoid damage. (stacks might per hit and also does some dmg)
  7. Repeat till all enemies are dead.
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Where do you want to use this build? Solo open world/dungeons/fractals/raids?Signet of Dolyak is useless if you aim for highest dps build. You should either swap it to Signet of Might or even better, use Peak Performance and physical skills (Throw Bolas/Kick have multiple ammo = best PP uptime). Healing Signet is fine, since you want to stack Signet of Ferocity buff, but you have to use Signet of Fury at the beginning of fight to get full addrenaline and start with 3 stacks of Berserker's Power buff (unless you don't care about opening burst, although you should).Rune may be good if you want the pet to get aggro for some time (I can imagine this being only good in solo situations) but as highest DPS you will be better off with Rune of Strength (if solo), Scholar (if you can stay above 90% HP most of the time), rune of Spellbreaker (this rune is bad against enemies that can stack boons) or rune of Eagle (this rune sucks for high opening bursts). You could also use rune of Thief for extra 300 precision and sweet 10% damage modifier when flanking target (positioning is crucial to use full potential of this rune). The last 3 runes have precision bonuses so you would have to adjust gear accordingly. With rune of Thief, you could drop Signet of Fury and still be capped at 80% crit chance if you swap amulet, backpiece and one earring from assassin to berserker. You will lose 100 ferocity, but gain 108 power. Although, without Signet of Fury, you will not be able to start with full adrenaline = rip opening burst. You could just prestack Signet of Ferocity buff before combat, swap to To The Limit and initiate with full adrenaline. Easy. Depends if you want to go hardcore on this.Once again, a lot of things depend on where exactly do you want to use this build.

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