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Some funny but serious issues


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Mesmer seems to be having some serious issues regarding several things,

  1. Blurred Frenzy, this skill, the amount of things that go through it are too many or is it just my ping? my ping is 220
  2. Distortion, things seems to be going through it as well, specially when used against numbers and shattered with clones, very aware of when shattering clones and they didn't reach target etc, but thats not the case they are literally shattered with clones, but things seems to go through it ( not very zergy and they didn't really get killed)
  3. Axe 3, does this thing even hit moving targets with my ping? (220)
  4. Mount and Mirage cloak, Okay with this, if i use mount 1 and time the evade well, there are several situations,

The first one is the normal one which you will use mirage cloak and gain ambush etcThe second one is you will have a normal dodge roll and will not gain mirage cloak/ambush and lose energyThe third one is you will be dodging (or at least have the animation of it) and not lose energy and i am not really sure whether you get damage through it or not but I think you pretty much get your butt handed to you xDThe fourth and not sure if it happens again is you will have a mixed from both mirage cloak and normal dodge, you will dodge roll in your place and can't move during it and have the animation of mirage cloak but you will not lose energy and probably get your butt handed to you as well. ( this one i tried to make more than once, but maybe i am just tired) the rest they do happen to me.

I can't take videos otherwise i would, if someone can please try this it would be great, I need to know if it is bug, or just something that is ping related.I mean i got crazy things happening before like getting hit by holo's beam and blinking at the same time out of its range, I got knocked and hit while out of its range. so no stun break if i was considered to have used it after getting hit, or if i have used it before, i shouldn't get hit in the first place.

For now only things i want to be focused at are, Distortion and mount + mirage cloak. Thank you!

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IDK how much of it is due to ping (some days good some days bad), and truthfully, I have not delved deeper into trying to find the answer. What I can say, is that for the past 2 straight days (one being played on peak hours and the other on off hours), during ALL my spvp matches, I was able to 'distort' shatter (and gain the invn buff), twice.Matches were such blowouts (both for and against my team)--the 'F it' attitude for any quality matches is gone, and so is my curiosity to figure out if it was a bug, or ping.

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