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NA Secret Ebabe Agency[SEA] WvW Crystal Desert Guild SEA/EU

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We are looking for New / Returning / Vet players who loves to zerg bust with us.

Asian Guild-We do love zerg fight.-People must have discord and not shy to join voice comms during guild raid. (Just listen if you don't want to talk.)-Must follow guild builds during guild raid for comp. (No dramas.)-Not scared to fight outnumbered fights.-Not a 100% Rep Requirement.-If you love pork sisig +1

  • Ebabe? +2

We rally 3-4x a week 9:30pm gmt+8 sea timeWe're looking for Berserker, Firebrand, Scrapper, Scourges, Revenant, and Weaver for comp.

Thank you, and Mabuhay!

https://discord.gg/eyFhpJ4 our discord, let's talk.

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