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Where can i buy the Home instance node for the new Dragonfall map?

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Normally the first thing I do after entering a new S3 or S4 map is locate the vendor and buy the home instance node for that map's currency and also pick up a portal scroll for the new zone, but I haven't been able to locate those in the new Dragonfall map... I'm sure I am just missing something obvious but any helpful tips would be much appreciated.... thanx in advance

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@"holodoc.5748" said:The node is apparently sold by the "Bloom" volatile magic vendor. However, I've been trying to unlock access to them since patch release by doing all kind of events throughout the map and they still refuse to unlock.

Given that the update is currently plagued by bugs it could be connected to them. I'll wait for the first couple of bugfix patches to try again.

You need to do events in the respective areas; for the Crystal Bloom faction it is to the west, Ember Forest areas. Go to their outpost to the NW of the map and look for the scout there, they'll tell you which events are underway and by clicking on each they'll get tracked for you on the UI - these are the events that count for the respective Volatile vendor back at Pact Outpost.

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