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Why should balance mean nerfing?

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@Illconceived Was Na.9781 said:

@"Shiyo.3578" said:I don't think anyone likes the changes for chrono and druid except the developers.This is the point I made above: people don't like nerfs to their favorite class or build. It's human nature

Good balance cannot possibly care about that. There's no way to get a game from "these two classes are must-haves in nearly any recommended scenario" to "these two classes are among many options that are highly effective," without a lot of players in the #feels-bad-man camp.

Mesmer in general is pretty much bottom tier in every game modeSnowCrows current benchmark has power chrono as #2 and #3 for small hitbox.

However, note that their definition of "bottom tier" is 25k DPS (bench, not necessarily in real time). That is still really good compared to where builds where back in the day. "Bottom tier" is a lot better than PvE needs it to be.

Again, I'm not claiming that ANet is good at balancing. Nor that the game is better balanced now (let alone well balanced at all).I'm saying: it's not as simple as we like to make it seem. Good balance doesn't look at how people
about any single class or build. It has to consider the entire game, in all its modes, with all sorts of players.

For me, the only consideration is: can I find something I like playing that can perform efficiently. And the answer is: yeah, there are even more opportunities now than there used to be. (And yes, I'm also sad about particular builds and nerfs, some I'm still annoyed about that took place 5-6 years ago. I suffer from the same foibles as anyone; I have my favorites and I get attached to them, too.)

So Chrono can do damage like everyone else with the right build, huzzah. What was cool about Chrono was the boon-sharing. As I’ve said, I’m all about options and variety and am glad that the Quickbrand / Alacrity Renegade can replace Chrono and bring their own utility! I think it’s awesome that we have more options for healers and boons. None of this required nerfing boon Chrono and Druid to death. :(

I actually rarely played Chrono as I couldn’t hit all the skills fast enough for optimal boon support while still learning the other content but I always thought the spec cool and was working toward it. Druid healer was my main, yes, as I’ve mentioned.

I don’t think that all classes should be good at everything. For example, I expect ele to be squishy in melee if they facetank but expect to be strong in ranged damage. Deadeye fits this paradigm — I feel so OP ranging mobs and then one spawns next to me and down I go! XD (No, I’m not very good at playing deadeye, in part because I only want to play them as a sniper, but I digress). Likewise, there should never be only one spec/class that can do a particular thing and, to my knowledge, was the only problem with boon Chrono (or with everything else, to perhaps put it more accurately).

Just because there is a meta doesn’t mean that the game isn’t sufficiently balanced and it doesn’t even mean that those specs are best, only best for a speed run, which is not everyone’s goal.

And as you said, we humans get attached to things, and I certainly get attached to my characters and how they play. Tweaking skills I can tolerate but huge reworks that may make a whole spec or class unfun for me... :-1: :(

I don’t mean to be over negative, there are other classes I still enjoy, but for me, the nerf bat now casts a shadow, don’t like this too much, better stay away from touching the spec the WvW mobs are crying against lest I enjoy it and then it gets gutted...

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Benchmarks for chrono are irrelevant, do not bring them up. The class has a lot of ramp up time and if you get CCed during contin split you lose all your damage. There's a reason it's rarely played in fractals - their ramp up is higher than the amount of time the bosses are not invul/phased. outside of some CM bosses.

This also makes the class really awful to play open world and lesser tier content because things die before you can do your actual damaging attacks. It's really not fun.

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