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Dragonfall, some praise for the devs

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To the team who developed this zone, I really want to tell you that you did an amazing, amazing job on this. Please, keep up this level of detail and atmosphere in the next zones as well.

Coming into dragonfall was like entering a new version of Guild Wars, with updated everything.

The forested zone was super lush and magical. I loved the floating little orbs of light in the sky. I loved the mist. The denseness of the vegetation really made the world look alive and mysterious. The soundtrack was haunting and beautiful, very fitting for the zones, great compositions. The fire was realistic and I could almost feel the heat. I loved that you made the air shimmer and wave in the fire. Making Kralk a part of the actual landscape that you could explore was a unique idea, and hearing the frustrated and painful rumbles and roars shaking the ground was a great addition to the sound design.

Anet, if you are looking at this. THIS is the type of quality we love to see in this game. Even if it takes longer to make, even if you tell us we have to wait - please continue to make the next zones with this same amount of quality and passion. It is truly special.

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I agree too! The areas are exciting and demanding.Not to mention the mechanics. The waypoint transportation actually forces you to participate if you want the benefits, and the addition of HoT and season 3 movement stuff, like updrafts, mushrooms and thermal tubes was AMAZING! Makes it so much fun to move around again in this difficult terrain, and they fit the themes of each island.I hope this will continue, the usage of already established, old mechanics, in new areas! They are old, but they gave the map a very fresh feeling. It also has very nice parallels with the story.And, as mentioned, having Kralk as part of the landscape, MOVING and being part of the meta is simply magnificent. Keep up the good work!

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