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API updates - May 15 2019

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  • ArenaNet Staff

Hello all,

I recently mentioned some backend changes I made that went live with yesterday's patch. As a result I am rolling out some fixes that weren't possible before.

The daily achievements you see in-game are different depending on which expansions you own for that account. Because listing the daily achievements doesn't require an API key, there are flags on each achievement that describe the access requirements for each.

The way those requirements were represented changed at some point in the past to be a bit more complex. I have updated the API to understand the new format and I've bumped the schema version.

Recent API Updates

Here are the changes in list format:

  • /v2/achievements/daily and /v2/achievements/daily/tomorrow now show an access_requirement with a product and condition field as of the latest schema version.
  • product is either "HeartOfThorns" or "PathOfFire".
  • condition is either HasAccess or NoAccess.

Let me know if there are any issues with this change!


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