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Lack of Zojja's participation is disappointing... again [Spoilers I think]

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To begin with: I'm not really a fan of killing Aurene to bring her back one episode later but I loved the episode and the whole season nonetheless.

I know personal story was "long time ago" but once there was a bunch of people called "Destiny edge", remember them? The people about books were written as a 'intro' to gw2? The people whose split and reunion was a major point of personal story original campaign, the people who split because of the fight with Kralkatorrik? It was their closure, after years of Guild Wars 2 storytelling, and it should belong to all of them... but it didn't. It was THE fight with THE Kralkatorrik... And Zojja wasn't even mentioned, even by old Destiny Edge members. It isn't about 'meh, Zojja is still recovering so she has no interest in running around some desert'. Fights and loses against Kralkatorrik were supposed to be one of the most important events for every Destiny Edge member, and by extension for many parts of story through the whole game. I'm sorry but I can deal with her missing out on some random god-killing, but denying her any part in revenge on Kralkatorrik without even one word about her is simply disappointing for me. I can't enjoy the moment when half of the cast behaves like total douches not even remembering she exist best case scenario, trashy anti-immersive writing worst case scenario :<

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