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We didn't need this mount.

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Anet should've just given the griffon a new mastery line to cling to walls and be able to vault off them.

Enough with the mount spam anet. It was great at first, with the original 4. The came the beetle, then the warclaw, nooooow the dragon.

What next a new underwater mount instead of just giving a new mastery trait to the skimmer to sell more skins?

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@wrathmagik.3518 said:

@Samnang.1879 said:i like having new mounts... different animals... not of all us like having a dinosaur or an owl bird cat for a mount...

they're called skins. The mounts look different all the time. I mean hell they changed the skimmer into a bird.

but beetles go faster than raptors and it's smooth ride doesn't make me dizzy like raptors every time it jumps... u__u

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Sure, we didn't need it. But we wanted it and it's great. As long as there are unique aspects they can spec a mount into they should go for it. They're good.

And no, a Skimmer couldn't function as an underwater mount. It hovers ABOVE water. I doubt they could even dive at all by turning that hover off.

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