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Skyscale Collections Locked-Please Delete

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First, so people do not misunderstand, I do know that the collections only unlock once the daily reset comes after completing the prior collection.

I completed the first collection (Newborn Skyscales) yesterday, approximately 18 hours ago. The daily reset has come and gone, yet the next collection is still locked down, saying that it will be unlocked at the daily reset after completing the prior collection.

Is this happening to anyone else, and how do I/we fix it? It's already bad enough that the mount is locked down for several days, but now a bug or something is preventing the collections from properly unlocking.

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This is boring! I do not know if I get nervous or sad. I was even believing I could get Skyscale, but by the way it will take a month. I speak for myself, but I believe there are many others out there with this same questioning. How is the situation for those who do not have all day to play? And who works? And who studies? Honestly, it's very annoying.

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