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did the writers missed the opportunity to introduce Steve, aka DSD?


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The deep sea dragon isn't so close to Tyria, otherwise people would know about it and we'd see its minions.

Plus, it would just be one more loss on a long heaping sack of losses. I feel like for many people this episode needed to be a win, and it was the perfect time to close Aurene's arc.

If they wanted to hint at the DSD, they should have made it so you could occasionally see something in the water beneath the airships in the epilogue.

EDIT: Plus, based on the story since Season 3, the DSD killing Kralk to take its magic would be just as bad as killing Kralk without a replacement. It would mean the end of the world, even ignoring the powerboost of the DSD.

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I half expected after the epilogue for the camera to pan round and we see a storm on the horizon.

@KidRoleplay.3615 said:I always thought Steve was the Labyrinthine Horror, and the Deep Sea Dragon was Bubbles.

Thoroughly confused.

Steve has been referred to a both things. When it was revealed the DSD had an S, the community jokingly christened it Steve. Because we're so original...

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@Blocki.4931 said:Who knows. Maybe he sniffs out some of the magic that was undoubtedly released and comes to check in on how we are doing.

Aurene should have absorbed most of the magic in Kralkatorrik - maybe not what was left of Mordremoth's and Zhaitan's magic, though.

Besides Mordremoth's release of magic should have been just as enticing. We know it went into four directions; one went north to the Maguuma Bloodstone, one went south to the Ring of Fire that Primordus ate up, and one went east eventually getting eaten by Kralkatorrik. But we also saw some of Mordremoth's magic go west, towards the Unending Ocean. Granted it'd be far north for the DSD's placement per lore, but if a dead ED's magic drew Primordus, it could have driven the DSD north, placing it closer to the Maguuma Coastline than anywhere else.

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