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saving skyscales collection

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I walked around the "lava room" for a good 10 minutes and never got the achievement for standing in the lava. Is the lava room different than the "fire room?"

Why would both not count even if so?

Also, the Derelict Delve is a one per account activity, so if you don't happen to get the "fire room" and the "water room" in one go, that's another 24 hours added onto this bullshit timegate.

And if the lava room is the correct room, then enjoy doing this shit with bugs.

The absolute fucking worst ever. Stop making collections, especially extremely tedious timegated collections if you're not going to code them to work. Obviously there will always be some margin of error, but if there are consistently bugs with collections and there always are, stop doing collections.

This shit is going to put me off of this game entirely. Disgraceful.

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Only took 3 hours to complete the whole saving skyscales. Dont fret, its not that bad.I advise getting the elemental djiins done in vabbi as earliy as possible, the fight 4 champion djiin encounter. Which likely will be the biggest blocker, followed by the event to fight inside augury rock to face your doppelganger. Note, its not the crazy doppelganger, you have to do the chain to open augury rock and fight the boss inside. A doppelganger spawns for each participiant. Boss needs to die for it to tick.

Also, no need to wait for Claw of Jormag. Just look for an Ice Storm mob in Bitterfrost and hug it, instant icecube. They are on the ice around the center wp.

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