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new skirmish chests only have 1 siege blueprint - old ones were updated to have 2

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To everyone actually buying superior blueprints with skirmish chests: STOP! Go buy tactics for your guilds instead. Tactics are like 2-5g each to create normally.

Sheesh do a little math as well if ur being selfish and shopping for yourself: unidentified dyes go for 50s on the TP. How much on average do your 2 superior blueprints go for? That's what I thought....

Buy your siege from the TP at buy prices en masse. Do NOT create it in the mystic forge unless you are SURE of the math (99% of the time you lose money using the forge). Use your heroics on the more expensive siege pieces if you have an excess of them (except mbe omega golemns, tp might be best for those).

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