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Heart to Heart is still bugged for me, after the patch from 5/16.

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It stalled on me once yesterday (Aurene got stuck at the second "destroy the threads" part). I logged out to the character panel and back in, had to start that part over from a checkpoint but was able to finish it after that. It seems like whether or not you get stuck, and where it happens, is hit-or-miss right now. I hope you can get it to finish.

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This is not a problem that everyone faces (I had no issues in story). I haven't seen this issue mentioned in patchnotes or announce of hotfix planning yet. What you perhaps could try, before there is a hotfix, is to party up with someone that didn't have issue in this story.

! Don't forget to follow Aurene when she mentions she will protect you, and it ports you to another spot. This fight is not an instant kill Kralk in 1 go. As this may look like stalling but you in fact have to follow Aurene :)

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