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Can we use time travel and participate in the Season 1 Living Story ?

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@Crackmonster.2790 said:Adding certain missions like they have done now, i take it as an indication that this is how they can best make some of it accessible and that they do not attempt to use resources to remake the whole thing.

I just got a chance to replay the story last couple of weeks and holy kitten i must admit i really don' like core story, its not touching, it's forced and cheesy and i couldn't wait for it to end. I was boring during all the later stages of the story just wanted the final fight to be over asap and cheesed through it. This is not typical for me i don't have a high requirement for story content i normally can enjoy something simple.

What i am saying is, the new stuff they make is so much better lol, it isn't even in the same catagory. The only interesting bits about core story is the 20-30 race parts that is it then downhill from there. Better to let them work on new stuff that is excellent compared to the old untouching story attempts.

They need to fix the old story because this is the first thing that the new players see... Just imagine if you start playing a new game... are you going to give it a try to it's latest story that they are implementing in the game or are you going to judge the whole game just by it's first story that is made in 2014 ?

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