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Weave Self Suggested Changes


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Hi, I just wanted to post a few suggestions I had regarding weave self.

  1. Woven Air: Change from 50% movement speed to either precision or ferocity. (The movement speed is not really helpful considering how much swiftness you have access to already)

  2. Perfect Weave: Keep attunement recharge time the same as during Weave Self. It seems counter-intuitive to me how all of the bonuses from Weave Self stack with each other in Perfect Weave, but you lose the CD reduction on attunements.

  3. Tailored Victory: Change so that we can cast it while moving.

Feel free to post your opinion on these suggestions or make your own.

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1- If out of combat, then the speed bonus is useless as Swiftness is enough to reach the cap, but no one uses this OOC. Within combat, you need 100% more movement speed, which could be achieved through Superspeed, and Superspeed only, as movement speed buffers do not stack, the one with the higher value rules, so that means that Weave Self will ditch Swiftness and we will only have 50% increase, not much vs the 40% of Woven Stride. Therefore I agree on a change, but increase in Precision is kind of wasted imo since we lack the Ferocity or Power as a bunker and as FA, we already hit a 90%+ crit chance, the increase in Ferocity though will be broken in all modes, +125 Ferocity is 4k+ DPS for PvE, so... I don't know, like I would agree on other buffs, except the one existing now and the other 2 in the suggestion.

2- Perfect Weave has a terrible requirement, especially when the Earth bonus is the only one needed in PvP/WvW, so that means you keep it up for as long so you can benefit from the bonus, but keeping it up for 10 more seconds forces you to attune to all 4 elements, which can be a disadvantage at some situations.

3- I would rather lose the CC for better bonuses/longer bonuses/etc. The CC is easily predictable/interruptable and no one should really fall for it, let alone that Stab and stun breaks are roaming wild in all modes now. Or else, make the CC on-demand as of the 2nd cast and not on Perfect Weave's proc. I would also ask for a damage buff for it as it's pointless using it when even an NPC can easily counter it.

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