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Do we really have to get "dismounted" near Jumping Puzzles locations?

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Can't the game just turn off the mounts "abilities" instead?

I would like to be able to keep "walking" along ON the mount until I get past the NO-Mount area, rather then be forcibly removed from the mount. The only problem I can think of would be Griffon flight, as in "actually being airborne" at the time, otherwise people will just float to JP's, then again, you could just force a landing. The game already has mechanics to push people back with "currents" and upwards on Gliders with "updrafts", surely turning the current NO-Mount zone into a downdraft would be trivial.

The game supports a variety of ability "ghosting" and skill replacing in already in tons of places and instances and story missions, I would assume it would not be that hard?Turn off Raptor dash and Bunny jump etc etc, but let us STAY on the mount and move along.

So may times I just skirt NEAR a JP and bam, dumped, and then dumped again just because I zigged instead of zagged as I turned around to switch directions because the Raptor has the turning radius of a Bus, and also, because people keep BREAKING the JP's by finding new spots and angles to STILL use mounts, the "exclusion" zones around JP's keep getting bigger and bigger.

Just a thought.

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As someone who spends a lot of que time in heart of the mist I agree it’d be nice to not be catapulted off your mount when you cross into the no mount boundary lol.

That being said I can understand why they do it, it’s probably way easier to just dismount you and not worry about people being able to glide in it w/e rather than to go through the effort of repurposing updrafts and adding them into every jumping puzzle/no mount area.

I think it’d be nice if they extended the aura of “you’re entering a no mount zone” warning too though, so that way you have more time to alter course if you’re like, zooming on the Griffon.

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I hate this too - nothing better than getting kicked out of your griffon only to find out that glider is also disabled, so you're just falling to your death - might as well put a giant middle finger on my screen, for I have sinned by having fun on griffon while in core Tyria maps.

Honestly, just change jumping puzzles into "adventures" - put a starting banner or NPC at the beginning that will put "cannot mount" and "cannot glide" debuffs on the player once activated, and make the final chest appear only if you are in that "adventure mode". If done this way:

  • We still get the challenge of completing a puzzle the intended way
  • We still can have polite mesmers altruistically teleporting us from start to finish
  • We don't get suddenly dismounted while exploring the map or simply moving from one place to another.

Looks like a win-win situation for me, but since there are a lot of JPs in the game, changing all of them would probably take much time and effort.

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