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Celestial Scourge Video Guide to WvW large scale fights


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This is a 5 min guide on how to build and play a Scourge in WvW for large scale fights as a self-sufficient player that can contribute to fights and not be dependent on the squad sharing boons with you.

If you do not belong to a guild group or usually run with commanders that have closed squads and receive limited boon sharing, and most importantly, if you love loot bags, Scourge, and this guide, is for you.


Note: I do not claim this to be the 'meta' or best way to build and play a Scourge. Hope it helps though. And have fun!

Build Link Here.

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Hi all, I did a new video on actual game-play footage this time on what you can do as a Scourge in WvW blob zerg fights.

Again, this is for those who are alone without a guild, and not getting boon share from your commander's squad, this is a commentary on how you can survive and fight as a Scourge in WvW large scale blob zerg fights (Actual game play!) and tag more bags!

If you are interested in the build and other general tips, you can also see my first post above.


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