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feeding skyscale

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@van smite.9308 said:The reduced cool down of two hours is not working for me, I have to wait until reset. Seems like it was pointless to submit a ticket for it since I'll probably get the last feeding done before I get a response anyway.

It was not the feeding that was reduced to every 2 hours thats still at daily reset.What you can do every 2 hours is the new collection steps if you finished the one before.

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Here are the patch notes to clear up any confusion:

The requirement of a daily reset between skyscale collections has been replaced with a 2-hour wait.The skyscale hatchling may now be fed four times per day instead of three.

In other words, feeding is still constrained by Daily reset; but, you can feed 4 times a day, rather than 3.

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Do not click on the box to feed. You have to press number 2 (always make sure u have the option though) and you have to position yourself aligned to the hatchling in a way that when you throw the food it hits the hatchling... Yea I know is ridiculous I spent a good 20 min looking for some help online and figuring it out.

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