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Dragonfall: Bugs breaking meta, disconnections and more - story of my last 5 meta attempts

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So I'm here to share my story of my last 5 consecutive meta attempts. And this is starting to get really old for me.

1 Bug on completing this disrupter thing, last one. Can't remember which one think it was same as in #5

2 Game Crash on 30sec to 1min before last weak point killed

3 Game Disconnect me 30sec to 1min before last weak point killed. I cannot log in on this character a again for several minutes.

4 Game bug again. I wasn't there to witness it, all map leaves then somehow it works or something. We're 6 players left we would have gotten the meta if only i had known i'd need dragonblood spear to break the hydra i was tanking on 2%. (((

5 Bug again. It's Zadd last one. Goddamn this bug happening all the time in my games. The bug goes that the circle just stays red nothing works to progress it further, we tried killing him many times, eventually we tried fully leaving the close area, sitting on some cliffs hoping it would unbug but no.

5 in a row failed to bugs, crashes and disconnects!!! ARRGHHH!!! I didn't have that much time this weekend and now lots of my efforts are wasted what i tried using my time for..

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6 Succeeded while I am afk but wow it didn't bug!!

7 Bug again same spot as always, when looking on the map its the spot below(map view) the first skyscale that is found directly northeast of Northwest Shrine.

Damn huh, success rate rising its getting 1/7 now!

Overall nearly half my metas have been broken and destroyed i got 9 completions only.

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Add me to this list. I have in actuality all but competed the Meta 11 times, but only 6 that count with chests and such rewards as the game frequently crashes my whole system right at the critical point.

I'm running 16gb Ram, Nvidia 1080 graphics with 8gb of Ram, and system is not hot, nor does it have any other problems.

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