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Why so many speed buffs?


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Seems like Ele should have the fastest movement speed in game.. fitting since it needs to run away if someone looks at it.

But an elite skill like weave self doesn't even seem to impact movement speed with swiftness.. quite honestly it doesn't even seem to impact while in Air?? which is quite odd.Super speed doesn't get the swiftness bonus from woven stride, making super speed actually slower then swiftness??Sigil of Air does not seem to apply while in Air, or under swiftness.

Am I wrong here? just notice that I only keep pace with everyone else even with all these speed boosts skills (not boon sharing issue).. seems like a bunch of pointless skills that could be filled with something useful. If I could move as fast as I think I should, that would be something to offset some things, and a unique area to shine.

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Weave Self is 50%, Zephyr's Speed (air trait) is 25%, Woven Stride is 40%, Swiftness is 33% and Superspeed is 100%. It's working as intended since movement speed doesn't stack, only the highest percentage increase is applied. The only exception to this rule are Swim-Speed Infusions.

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