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Signet of restoration bug


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garkos.2973garkos.2973 - October 1, 2017 3:06AM/home/leaving?target=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DeaedOiaN_hI" class="Popup

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Forum Moderator.4372Forum Moderator.4372 October 1Discussing exploits, or providing links to or details about exploits, is not allowed on our forums. Your comments have been removed. You may report potential exploits to Exploits@Arena.Net to ensure the development team is aware of them. Thank you for your understanding.

ps: i ll keep reposting until you explain why my discussion gets deleted and bluris not , what is the difference?

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I think the bug is a little funny in open world PvE where really there is no harm being done to anyone.

But doing it in the competitive modes (PvP and WvW) is just disgusting - play it fair and have fun, abusing exploits/bugs is terrible for the others and for yourself as well (people will either just drop out or abuse it and then nobody has any fun).

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@"Ben Phongluangtham.1065" said:I just checked. It looks like the hotfix wasn't successful.

Well, this sucks. Any new ETA?

And for the elementalists out there, just take the time to use Water Stance which is exactly like Signet of Restoration only weaker (think of it as Signet of Restoration v0.5). It is not like it will make or break the class since Weaver / Ele doesn't have much place in the current meta anyway, so just explore different skills for the heck of it.

Edit: Actually, scratch that thought - I just realized how even worse Water Stance is.

I just realized that the fine print on the skill says that the "heal on hit" emanates from your target instead of from you, and to top it it only reaches a radius of 240 (meaning that unless you are using a sword, you are trying to stay the hell away from that range).

It is basically worthless on Staff and Scepter, and on the dagger it says: "hey, I got a great idea! Move closer to that gigantic greatsword to receive a small amount of heal each 1s for 5s while the wielder of that gigantic weapon pounds you into the ground with it."

So yeah, go back to the classic healing skills people.

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@Hana.8143 said:No signet no game.

Sadface :<

I just woke up and what ? No fix ?The thing I don't understand is : Why they disabled this skill instead of the keys for calling mount ?Me don't get it.

Because they would rather disable a single skill instead of crippling a massive feature of an entire expansion, I imagine.

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