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FB for wvw and general pve build, tell me what i do wrong or good :)


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Swap Purging Flames for Mantra of Flame. Since you have Radiance, full tome in FB, and your armor is not supportive at all you should change your elite to Mantra of Liberation which will grant you might over time as well because of Righteous Instinct. Last thing I will suggest is pay attention to an enemy's life while in combat with the tome of justice equipped. I find mobs in pve die with condi build well before all 8 charges are used so try to stow just before they die. This will give you some quickness and let you get right back to using it again, though some mobs don't count as kills if they're summoned in so no recharge but for the most part that is what I suggest.

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From a post in another thread:

@Garimeth.8725 said:

@accelerated.3581 said:

@Garimeth.8725 said:Forgot to mention, with that set up I can give out 11 stability, 11 aoe condi cleanses, 8 aegis, 2 projectiles absorbs, quickfire every 10 seconds, and a good deal of personal dps, plus whatever healing ToR adds up to. That's alot of support to have on top of solid dps. BTW ToC let's me still contribute to dps when specced to give quickfire with stab and aegis.

What runes/armor stats/etc.

I use the same gear as in pve right now with some minor changes so its not really optimized, but here is what I have on:

I frequently swap out PF for WoR and SYG for retreat. Not having RF took some getting used to as well. For the gear I'm sure it could be better optimized, and a little over half my gear is exotics not ascended.

In wvw I swap my non-PF/mantra of lore skill alot, in pve I use the quickness mantra or mantra of flame. My gear is also more viper/carrion/sinister/grieving and less dire. Running virtues over zeal I have not actually noticed ANY single target dps loss, and my aoe is WAY better. Plus I love consecration mastery and unscathed contender. I've had alot of success with this build in the new pve stuff and wvw both.
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