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Mini Tournament at the reset hours!

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One random Skrmish will be chosen as a Tournament Skirmish on the first day of the reset. A realm who wins that skrmish will be rewarded like PvP tourney!

For the fairness and to prevent players from burning out, do not announce which skrmish will be the tourney skirmish.

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@Ryudnard.2587 said:

@Dawdler.8521 said:So in fairness for players and prevent them burning out, you want to force them to stay online for 24h after reset.

Riiiight... There's something kitty about that but I cant quite put my finger on it.

Well then make it one random Skirmish out of one entire week, instead of just one day!

People only play on Friday, after that they do something actually fun, like play other games >.<

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Make it a weekend (7pm pst Fri, reset - 7pm pst Sun). Once per new links. Announce it ahead of time. I've never experienced wvw tourney, but I can understand the burnout. Some players described the experience to me as a 2nd job. Sounds awful. That's why keep it as a weekend event. Week long might be too much. Also, incorporate eotm by doubling supplies to winners of matches. Maybe even figure out pips and/or reward participation for those who only played eotm during the tourney. I'm in BG, so I can see slow-moving ques happening.

But I'd like some sort of tourney in wvw to happen.

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