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Recently returned. Worth buying expansions?

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Welcome back!

Fractals are accessible for everyone, at the lower levels, as long as you have a level 80 character. To reach the upper levels you need ascended gear, but that can be gotten in the fractals and through various vendors. I would definitely recommend getting both expansions. Gliding and the Specializations for each class is worth it for HoT. Mounts are so much fun to ride and customize, in PoF as well. I like story, so I enjoyed those things about the expansions too. If you want to play Living World content, then the expansions are required for Season 3 and 4.

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Welcome back to Tyria!

The areas that are accessable to you as a Lv.80 core player are Orr, the Silverwastes, Dry Top and Fractals of the Mists. However, I recommend getting at least one of the two expansions if your focus is on more content and not story -- HoT's gliders are very nice, the mounts have specific uses but get you around a little faster -- but with at least one expansion and doing the first step, you will unlock the mastery tracks for Central Tyria, which allows you better access and utility in fractals, legendary weapon journies, and the indispensible Pact Supply Network Agents. Oh, and auto-loot.

What expansion you pick is your choice, but I lean towards Path of Fire for the mounts and more reasonable elite specialization tracks. For the full experience, you will eventually have to get both expansions -- Heart of Thorns if you want Living World S3, or Path of Fire if you want LW S4.

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