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Character Model Limit/Quality resetting on its own

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Does anyone have a fix for the Character Model Limit/Quality resetting on its own back to highest when I play the game? when I first log in I set them both to lowest and then go about my business of playing and log off. Whenever I log back in it goes back to highest. Even if my pc can handle it somewhat, I still don't want to have to see everyone's amazing armor effects. Thanks!

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Firstly, note that GW2 will only save its settings periodically and on exit, so if you're opening GW2, changing the settings and force quitting it, it won't be saved. Load to character select, set the desired options and click the top-right X button to close the game normally.

Assuming you're launching GW2 normally, and are using Gw2-64.exe, your local settings are stored to:%appdata%/Guild Wars 2/Local.dat

... and most graphic settings are overridden in:%appdata%/Guild Wars 2/GFXSettings.Gw2-64.exe.xml

Ensure the file isn't read-only, as GW2 will not be able to update the xml file if so. You can delete both files to cause them to be recreated with the default settings.

To manually modify the quality and limit, open the xml file in notepad and search for model (charModelLimit | charModelQuality) and set the Value to whatever you want (lowest | low | medium | ...).

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