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BUG: Recharging Teleport to Friend

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Friend died while I was trying to teleport to him. The teleport did not take. The 1 hour cool-down started. I could not teleport to him when he was alive because I had a 1 hour cooldown. We tested this 3 times and same results.

Other misfires also caused the one-hour cool-down, even when the port is refused.

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I just wanted to list some of the bugs we are running into.

1.) Teleport to a friend who just died. It does not work (one hour cooldown). Hey buddy I can no longer teleport to you because you died.2.) Use it while I die (one hour cooldown). Does nothing. You died because you got attacked by elite while going through you inventory to find it and use it.3.) Friend accidentally clicked yes to be in an instance. (one hour cooldown) Does nothing.

The original 1 hour was already on the long side. The time not counting down when you logout almost pushes it to unusable/not worth it. The bugs that made it not work and gave me a cooldown....

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