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[SOLVED][BUG??] Recipe: Extra-Pungent Skyscale Treat

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After speaking with Gorrick, I consumed the recipe for the Extra-Pungent Skyscale treat on a non-chef character. I flipped to my Chef character to see the ingredients list but no recipe appears. Thinking I needed to find Skyscale and hand over the sample treat Gorrick gave me, I went to Caledon Forest, found Skyscale and handed her the treat. I returned to speak with Gorrick but no recipe offered. I restarted the game, flipped back to my Chef and still no recipe appears in the Recipe list. Is this a bug?

P.S. Sorry for the Duplicate Anet, I was typing at the same time as the other thread and bouncing in and out of game to make sure I was writing things correctly.

EDIT: After consuming recipe, I used the discover recipe panel to add it to my Chef's recipe list.

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