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Hello Dev Team, i have some suggestions that need to be addressed.. For one it is to do with the new maps in Ranked pvp in your options menu you can turn down almost all the sounds but the effects of coliseum when people grab the artifact and the crowd screams you cannot turn that off! do you know for people like me who are legally blind that basicly completely disables me because i play by mostly sound alone and when its screaming so loud i cannot hear anything else and it damages my ears! please could you make an option to disable the screaming effect when someone grabs an artifact?

As for the other map capricorn: the effects of the cannons need to have an opetion to be muted without having to completely disable all sound effects. The loud BOOM of the cannons hurt my ears and i cannot turn that down eaither without diabling ALL sound...Now i know things like this seem small to people but to people like me who play ranked because they feel its the only thing they are good at in the gam it s a huge limitation for me in my game exsperiance...

This is also PVP related but i would like to bring up the Text option. The largest setting you have is Too small for my eyes i need things to be atleast side 26 in order for me to see them so i can read chat more. Same thing with the map the icons are so small that people whith visual issues cant possibly read the map even if they tried super hard.. Please look into these concers so i can better ENjoy the game

Thank youDreamwolf

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As a blind player I actually have a different issue with sound. I don't want anything to be muted, and my biggest issue is the culling of sound. I'd rather have all audio feedback instantly play as soon as they are triggered. For example, sometimes when capturing a point I don't know if I fully captured it because the announcer doesn't say anything because some other stuff is going on.

I don't know how this can be fixed. When I had vision, too much audio feedback at once is useless and may actually be detrimental. Howe ever, now that I'm blind , I can process multiple different sounds simultaneously and much quicker than before. My screen reader is unintelligible to my friends its so fast to them.

When I look at suggestions to accommodate a disability, I think about how it would affect the vast majority of players without the disability. In this case, adding these two specific sound effects to to the appropriate volume control category would help this player without hindering others.

As for text size, there may be technical limitations with their GUI. I just want a streamlined screen reader that can work with games. As of now I have to load up JAWS, open the magnifier, scroll the mouse all the way down and all the way left, take a screenshot, paste to word, save as .pdf, open and apply the OCR, wait for OCR to process, listen and decipher the internet speak that gets all kinds of mispronounced, go back to GW8, type a reply. As you can see, this is completely infeasible while actively playing

@all cheats.3186 said:Hmmm not sure if troll post

There are a lot of blind gamers. I know of one that does extremely well in Call of Duty (a game I won't be able to play well anymore). However, I understand the disbelief as I would have had the same thought when I had vision. P.S. I'd beat you at any fighting game still :tongue: (thanks for properly labeling all the emojis for my screen reader!)

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