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[NA] [NA/OCX] [PvX/Social] Dedicated Emotion [CRJ] is looking for new stans to join


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Do you Stan the queen of pop? Snatching wigs? Serving looks? If so, Dedicated Emotion [CRJ] is the guild for you! LGBTQ+ 18+ social PvX community.

We're a growing group of queer people who love to hang out, show off our fashion and occasionally play the game. We have a discord server and many endgame content members who are happy to help newer players out :) We started only 3 days ago and already have 50 members and are growing strong! We'd love to make new friends and talk about everything from RPDR to Grindr hookups. Please note we are 18+ as our conversations are unfiltered and uncensored!

If you're interested in joining, please send me an ingame mail or discord message at: Data.7451 or Wyv#7777

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