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Didn't get mystic coin from killing Anomaly, bug or not?

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As title.My bro told me he didn't get mystic coin from killing anomaly sucessfully today. (server time 4:20am in Gendarran Fields.)

Several months ago, the same situation happened to me, and keep lasting for about 2 or 3 days.After reporting to GM, its OK now.

My bro said this is not the first time no mystic coin from anomaly.So I wondered if its bugged?

PS. My bro asked me to write this for him. ('cos he can't write in English.)

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I suspect it is some sort of Diminishing Returns related thing.

I do the event on two accounts each day. Eventually one ended missing the coin. Initially I thought it was a damage issue so I started to pay more attention and the next time it happened(same account again) the damage didn't look any different. So I thought about what differed between them.

The main difference that I could think of was that on the account that never ran into the problem I also do the daily event completer on the same character. Since I started doing the daily event completer on the account that had the problem it hasn't shown up again. I am not sure what the exact mechanism is but the character that ran into the problem was also doing matriarch and the treasure mushroom event in VB and sometimes many other events in VB but that doesn't seem to be enough to avoid the issue whereas the 4 event for the daily seems to be working so far.

Additionally you only seem to have one chance to get the coin per day. If you run into the issue even if you use a different character that shouldn't have the issue and do the anomaly event again and even if it is on a different map you still won't get the coin that day.

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