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Skyscale Skins

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@Smoosh.2718 said:Dreadnaught Armoured Skyscale skin please, nothing cooler than an armoured dragon

Yes, as it hasn't enough problems flapping those tiny wings and keeping altitude under control.....lets give the poor thing another 400 kg of plated steel to worry about....

Primeval Skin please.... goes with my other ones, no other skins needed :-)

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@Steve The Cynic.3217 said:

@"XYLO.7031" said:Unicorn, four-legged wall sticking for the lels. Already ideal for the hover.

The day they put a unicorn in this game is the day I quit.

Have you seen (and heard)

I've seen pictures of it. Fortunately I have not encountered it in-game. lol And of course I was being facetious anyway. ;) Don't think riding a unicorn would fit the world of Tyria.

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I think the title says everything. The Shatterer is the iconic Dragon of GW2 and I believe that his skin will be so stunning. Personaly this would be the only time I would pay even 2000gems for a mount skin. Keep in mind and bring it please. Same things for the other 2 dragons perhaps. Claw of Jormag and Tequatl the Sunless (although I dont like the last 2)

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