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@Bawi.9541 said:Guardian works on a priority list

Exactly.Especially with DH I wouldn't actually recommend learning a static rotation, at least not at first, but to understand the class in terms of skill priorities to achieve the highest possible damage in any situation.Not everything is a golem and interruptions happen. A great thing about DH is that it's easy to get back to doing high DPS from any interruption by knowing skill priorities.

Usually at it's most basic form it's Procession of Blades, Symbol of Wrath, Spear of Justice, Whirling Wrath (Inside the Hitbox), Swap, Symbol of Punishment, Sword of Justice.Then on Scepter you generally keep AA'ing/using Swords of Justice and filling with focus 4+5 until weapon swap, on GS you can fill with GS3 and 5, as well as AA's after, while waiting for the Trap+Symbol+Spear+Whirl combination to come available again, or utilizing it partially.

Once you have that priority down by heart, you can refine the process by looking at exact rotations to squeeze out optional DPS for when everything goes right, as well as the initial burst.

Another thing beginners often miss when comparing DPS is giving themselves unified buffs, and even more so, putting conditions like Vulnerability on the Golem, which makes a huge difference.

But just as general thing, don't just look at a site to copy a build and then try to exactly replicate a rotation without knowing anything about it.Try to understand WHY you are doing the things you are doing before working on perfecting doing them.Stuff gets a lot easier to remember too when you know why you are doing them.

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