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No Audio from the Game

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If I start the game without headphones plugged into my computer first, I won't hear any audio even after I have plugged in the headphones. Guild wars 2 doesn't show up in the sound mixer under those conditions. If I start the game with headphones plugged into my computer, I will get audio from Guild wars 2. Guild wars 2 shows up in the sound mixer under those conditions. If I then plug out my headphones while playing guild wars 2 and plug them back, I won't get any audio again from the game, until I restart the game with the headphones plugged in. Can someone help me fix these conditions. it wasn't like this before. I recently came back to the game after a small hiatus and I find this to be very annoying because I'm constantly having to plug my headphones in and out, cause i have one pair of headphones for my phone and computer.

Thank you

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