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What could happen next now that the elder dragon threat for the most part is settled?


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With the elder dragon threat mostly resolved now I been thinking, besides Elona having a long long recovering effort with the pact commader, and allies help.That is their a risk of the charr legions breaking their temporary treaty with the humans of Ascalon in Ebonhawk, and the kingdom of Kryta?This could happen because Fume brighteye's (who hates humans just cause her sire Hothor Brightblood was killed, which could be the reason she hates humans.) somehow replaces Smodur the Unflinching maybe he is killed or he unable to lead, cause he has been poison or something has caused him to be unable to be Iron Legions leader, and breaks the treaty and with Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer who also hates humans (which includes my Ascalonain male human character Tarwin even if he help the charr countless times in missions in the game and dose not have any reason to hate the charr.) purposely breaks the treaty with both Fume, and Banga declaring all the charr who helped the humans, and fought with them, as traitors including the charr pact commanders, this would shatter warbands as many charr warbands, have warband mates in the Pact and in Lions Arch city, and any other group that has humans in it.

Many charr including Rytock the charr pact commanders, and otehr charr heroes, and so many charr all over Tyria who just found out they been kicked out of the legions cause they work with humans would feel betrayed, and may fight with my character Tarwin just to stop the Hostile charr from trying to start another war with the humans again.

The war would see so many charr in the pact, including Ash Legion, and their leader Malice Swordshadow, the Iron, Blood legion charr who do not want to fight the humans of Ascalon, or believe this is outrageous that Fume and Bangar, and other charr who side with the two Imperator are foolishly starting a war with humans just cause they hate them so much.This war would see my character Tarwin trying to win as many charr to his side as possible, and save Ebonhawk, defeat the hostile charr that started the war and remove both Fume Brighteye's , and Bangar Ruinbringer from power, the war would see the charr legions as a whole crippled as many charr refuse to support Fume Brighteye's, and Bangar Ruinbringer and many more fight for them, so many people on both sides Fume Brighteye's, and Bangar Ruinbringer side and on Tarwin the pact commanders side would die.

And then their be bitter male and female charr on both sides that lost something warband their life wanting to know what they are really been fighting for, some charr may have even lost the will to fight cause they cannot bare to kill another one of their own kin. My human character Tarwin confronting Fume would probably get some self justification how Tarwin's race humans are are at fault for killing her sire Hothor Brightblood, Tarwin responding her justification of the war is wrong (Fume Brighteyes could maybe be Mentally insane and not really in charge and the real one in charge of the war could Be Bangar who could be using Fume to further his possible plan to become Khan-ur so maybe Fume is just being used.) Fume, either will die fighting Tarwin, and his allies, or Tarwin after beating her in combat is able talk her down, that both of them do not have to be enemies and he willing to speak on her behave so she can be spared, (because Tarwin believes in mercy) and is able to get Fume Brighteyes to surrender. Bangar would certainly die fighting as he will never give up to a human.

The after math of the war would see the legions in bad shape crippled from fight Tarwin and his allies and from within, the legions could be at risk of collepe at this point someone among the charr must become Khan-ur to unit the charr and keep the legions from falling who would it be I have no idea.This is all something that could happen either in the after math of guild wars 2 or during the game itself in the next season, will happen it could , as what I wrote above could happen.

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