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Stuck with Map Results Screen thanks to PvP

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So, this happened to me today. It's been over an hour and it won't go away. I've googled around and it seems like it's one of those 'permanent' glitches that will stick around unless someone at ArenaNet looks into it. Has anyone else been experiencing this? Nothing that I can do will fix it.

Here are my attempts at "fixing" it that did not work out:

  • Changed characters;
  • Changed maps;
  • Logged out of the game, gave it a few minutes and logged back in;
  • Teleported to instances and the Guild Hall;
  • Joined different parties;
  • Joined custom PvP matches;
  • [...]

I just want this to go away, but I'm concerned that I'll be left out waiting for weeks just to get this sorted...

Update: The problem has fixed itself.

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I feel like anet isn't addressing this issue at all like that should. Even when this happened last year we at least had someone on the forums to help us out. Nowadays even if anet fixes something it's usually only pve related content.

This bug and all its variations not limited to:The queue button being broken despite lack of dishonorThe map results being stuck in the middle of the screen with no loading into the match (this one affects 10 of us at once, because everyone in the party/matchmaking catches it regardless)Being unable to leave that queue with the map results literally blocking any other kind of game play what so ever.And who's knows what else.

The map results could at least be dealt with if it we were able to dismiss it off the screen or move it.

This issue has been ongoing since 2-3 days before season 16 ended up until now. So for those of us unlucky enough to catch this bug we couldn't play to get rewards, remove decay, and sometimes not even pve due to non-interactive UI taking up the complete center of the screen. I mean I know the pvp community it's that big, but things like this don't help make it any better. If anything people quit and don't bother coming back do to how bothersome this is. I mean has anet at least acknowledged this other than telling me they have reset my character that was stuck in pvp? Perhaps resetting pvp instances in general similar to wvw reset once a week could help. Anything but this as this is eerily similar repeat of the same bugs (or almost the same) from last year and previous years judging from the forums archives.

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