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LF Guild: Returning Player


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I just started back playing Guild Wars 2 the past couple of days. I've been a GW fan since the days Arenanet released the Guild Wars alpha build. I stopped playing a bit through the HoT story, mostly when they locked story content behind mastery grinding. Turned me off a bit, and then just fell away. I am back now and have been enjoying the game. Getting PoF and the mount has helped from what I remember not liking much from HoT.

I still have all exotic gear, but have ascended accessory that I remember getting when they first introduced Fractals.

Running Guardian Dragonhunter at the moment and having fun, though I've heard people complain about the build.

I typically play 10pm EST - 1am

Looking for an active guild to help with HoT content, and I do engage in sPVP and WvW as well.

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