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Invocation legend - Legendary Mistwarden


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So idea I came up with last night. We are on this journey gathering specialization collections to get out mistward armor, so we can look like proper revenant. And at the end, we are awarded with "Mistwarden" title. I thought its really cool and that this could be it, the missing piece to make us complete class.

Legendary Mistwarden - You channel your own energy from the mist.-Icon could be black silhouette in mistward armor-Colours: black, grey and white (same for utility skills)

Healing skill:Mistwalking - You are half in here and half in the mists, your wounds are periodicaly healed at the interval.-Instant cast-Energy 5 upkeep - 5-Interval (1s)-Healing amount and scalling - Little less then Healing signet so ~ 350 (0.05)This rune exist (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Superior_Rune_of_the_Revenant) and I wanted to get the best out of it with theme anduseability. -5 upkeep is there as a trade for healling.

Utility skills:Mist portal -Step throught misty portal and teleport to location.-Instant cast-Energy 30-Recharge time (10s)-Break stun-Clear 1 condition-Range: 600Idea here is skill between Blink and Shadowstep with utility of both, but less powerfull than any of them.(Icon could be our black silhouette in mistward armor jumping in small portal)

Mist slash - Slash your hand in air and recall mist energy in form of wave.-1/2s cast-Energy 20-Power based damage ~ 300 (0.85)-Pierce-Chill (2s)-Slow (2s)-Number of Targets: 3-Range: 700-Targeting as https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Deflecting_ShotHave you seen bleach and Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshō? This should be something like it. 700 range is so you can port away and slash back at your enemy, you can also slash from point blank (as in the anime :P). Chill for synergy with condition builds . Slow as our theme condition we dont have almost anywhere for extra utility.(Icon just generic energy wave slash)

Mist armor - Shroud yourself in a mist.-Instant cast-Energy 15-Recharge time (1s)-Maximum count: 2-Count recharge: (10s)-Resistance (2s)-Stability - 1 stack (4s)-Swiftness (6s)With new amunition system this skill should be awesome. Strategic use will be crucial. I will explain the synergy. With Rapid Flow (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Rapid_Flow) perma swiffnes can be achieved more easily for world exploration and moving between fights or points. With Enhanced Bulwark (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Enhanced_Bulwark) and/or Unwavering Avoidance (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Unwavering_Avoidance) you should have enought stability for teamfights. And with mentioned Superior Rune of the Revenant and how Mistwalking works you should be able to stand against condition builds. 10 second chrge recharge is there to have at least 1 charge ready after weapon swap, max count 2 is there to limit its power so it's not OP.(Icon https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/%22Stand_Your_Ground!%22 or https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Outrage but with more revenant feel)

Elite skill:Banish - Banish your enemies in the mists.-1s cast with BIG tell-Energy 35-Recharge time PvE (5s) PvP-both sPvP and WvW (30s)-Displace enemy : 1500-Chill (2)-Slow (2)-Number of Targets: 1-Range: 600Remember old displace effect on Unyielding Anguish (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Unyielding_Anguish/history)? As elite skill on one target with long cast time and big animation it shouldnt be so OP. Displace would work like your normal teleport but on the enemy. If there is a wall or no valid path it will teleport you only that far how it can. Casting available only on enemy to prevent team harras. In open world on monsters with breakbar it would act like CC. Chill and Slow is for the same purpose as on Mist slash (maybe it could be put on trait to grant theese effects). But if displace its not really mechanically possible I welcome any other ideas you could have :)(Icon pointing hand)

*Possible fluff:As revenants we will never get racial skills. Our class just works differently. But I dont think their usefulnees is why are people demanding them, but their uniqueness. I propose little change in this design and have our own type of racial skills. Instead of channeling your own energy, you would channel energy of your race from the mists. So instead of generic black silhouette in mistward armor you would have asura blacked silhouette in mistward armor or char one, or norn one. For each race one type of icons with extra color scheme (human - yellow, sylvari - green, ...).Example: Normaly you have black, grey and white but as sylvari you would have black, grey, white and little bit of green sylvari jumping throught the portal on the icon. Change would only be cosmetical and only to Legendary Mistwarden.

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I love the thought behind this. I love Rev, but I agree that it feels like it's missing something pretty major. Skill diversity is incredibly limited. Anet is in a difficult position with this one, as simply adding skills outright might not be enough. Reworks to the profession, however limited, would spur many players into complaining "why does Rev get all the love?" unless packaged with other reworks. The required company resources to make such changes are weighed against the number of players affected, and Rev is only 1 of 9 professions and the one with the fewest players (likely caused by this "incomplete" feeling, but that's largely irrelevant).

Your idea, at least at heart, is a great one, but we can't expect to see something like this any time soon. More likely, Anet will try to make what we already have feel more sufficient on its own.

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Looks really cool, dude! Tho I would increase Mist Portal range to 900 at least, so it wouldn't end up like necro punishment portal; for the Mist Armor maybe protection boon (3s) instead of swiftness (6s) would make more sense cuz it's an armor after all; and maybe reduce the cast time of Banish from 1s to 3/4 or 1/2 even.

But it's just numbers, the overall design you've made for the legend is really on point, thank you for sharing. Now you only need to apply at arenanet's, cause you did like 10 times better job than the renegade dev.

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@Exalted Quality.8534 said:Very well thought out bud. I regret to say that I do not believe that the people with the power to implement the suggested changes care that Revs are extremely lacking in versatility and immersion (which your ideas help to address).

I may have missed it, but what weapon (if any) would your Legenary Mistwarden spec introduce?

I don't believe the OP was intending this to be a full new spec, but a legend associated with the existing Invocation line. As such, it would not bring a weapon with it. TBH, we don't particularly need a new weapon, as we have kit to cover even most niche builds. SB could use some tuning to be more viable as a range condi option, but I think it's close.

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I just thought of something, a suggestion I would like to build on to this one:

What if “legendary mistwarden” was not one of your choices as a legend channel, but instead these were a set of abilities that are part of base revenant which could be slotted onto your bar regardless of your legend? In fact, it would be awesome if these functioned sort of like glyphs, having slightly different effects depending on which stance you are in.

I would love this, and it would add some much-needed diversity while preserving the core legend swap mechanics.

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I know this is an old post but I really love this idea as a "core legend". After PoF elite spec, the class is still missing something and maybe a single customizable legend with different slottable utilities can work in combination with other existing "fixed" legends. It can be a legend about Energy management, so it would be perfect with any combination and with new elite specs.

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